10 Reasons To Pick a Cowboy Over An Ordinary Boy


Cowboys have been in women’s dreams for a long time, and they won’t be leaving those dreams any time soon. Aside from the obvious reasons we’ve come to learn from romantic cowboy novels and western movies, there are many other reasons why cowboys make better dates and amazing husbands, compared to regular guys:

1. A cowboy takes carefully calculated risks, and all those risks are backed by amazing skill sets.

 A regular boy only takes unnecessary risks, and they often have no backup plan in case of failure.

2. A cowboy does whatever it takes to properly support his family and give his woman a good home. They also take care of their lands and animals.

A regular boy often expects others to take care of him.

3. A cowboy thinks about his future.

 A regular boy lives in the moment.

4. A cowboy is always trying to earn respect from people.

A boy is looking to gain attention from people.

5. A cowboy is pride of his integrity. He won’t write checks he can’t cash.

 A boy promises more than he can deliver.

6. A cowboy is constantly learning new things, and he is willing to listen to those who have more experience than him. He is also always looking to learn new things.

 A regular boy thinks he knows everything.

7. A cowboy prefers quality over good looking goods. He looks for quality in cattle, horses and women, too.

 A regular boy wants things that he thinks will make him look good.

8. A cowboy has his own values and strong beliefs, no matter how awkward a situation might twist.

 A regular boy changes his values and beliefs according to the people around him.

9. A cowboy respects people he doesn’t know well enough, he gives you his respect until you prove you haven’t deserved it. He will give you the benefit of the doubt, always.

 A regular boy respects only people he can benefit from. People who offer something in return will get a regular boy’s respect.

10. A cowboy faces and accepts his mistakes, and he tries to learn something new from each one of them.

A regular boy blames other people for his mistakes.

When we compare cowboys and regular city boys, we can easily come to a conclusion cowboys represent real men, while regular boys represent… well… boys.

Taking full responsibility for your family and for your actions takes more than just an ordinary boy. A cowboy knows how to honor a relationship with a woman, and he also knows that he is the head of his household; therefor he needs to do all it takes to provide his family and beloved ones with everything they need. You can’t find these beliefs and values in many men today, but when it comes to cowboys – you will see for yourself that these men know how to make a woman happy.

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