7 Horrible Online Dating Mistakes Men Should Stop Making A.S.A.P.

If you’re trying to find love online you should stop making these common mistakes. Guys don’t even know the effects of these communication mistakes, and they probably aren’t even aware of the fact they’re doing something wrong in the first place.

In reality, women find these mistakes disturbing, weird, or just plain wrong, so it’s important that guys realize they’re not doing themselves  a favor by making them.

So, here’s what men need to stop doing RIGHT NOW:

1. “Hi, how are you doing?” is not a conversation starter

When you decide to contact a woman, keep in mind that you need to get her attention with that 1st message. Let her know why you’ve decided to message her, read her profile and tell her what it is about her you find alluring. Be careful though, because “I see you love horses and I can really relate to that” isn’t quite the same as “Wow, nice ass!” – which leads us to mistake No.2:

2. Don’t be gross

Sending messages in which you praise the woman’s ass won’t work. The same goes for upper parts of her body, too. Unless the person’s profile says she’s interested in hot chat or cybersex, you should never start talking to a woman with a rude, sexual message. It’s the same as meeting the woman in person. Would you come up to a woman saying: “Wow, great ass!” in real life? I really hope not.

3. Spelling counts

Spelling really counts. It just does, and while we’re at it, so does your grammar. Turn your spell check on, or try an online spell check service. There’s a bunch of them and they’re free.

4. Don’t message her 20 times if she’s not answering

This happens a lot. You message a woman and she doesn’t answer. Then you message her again after a few weeks, then you do it again after few months, and you keep asking why she isn’t answering. You should understand that just because you messaged a woman, doesn’t mean she has to answer. She doesn’t owe you a reply, she doesn’t owe you anything. Be cool. Take the hint. She doesn’t like you. Let it go.

5. Don’t post photos with other women

If there are a lot of photos with just you and one woman on them, you won’t look available. So many guys do this; they even post these photos with one other woman as their profile photo. What do you expect all these women on that dating site to think? Oh, she’s your friend? Yeah, sure. No woman would buy this, and chances are they won’t take you seriously.
It’s just weird, and women don’t like it, so don’t do it.

6. It’s not all about you

You might see this whole online dating thing as something you’re doing just for yourself, but if you keep talking about yourself and never ask the woman about her activities and opinions, you won’t go far with her. This woman also has a life and it might be far more interesting than yours, so remember you’re not a narrator of this story. You’re a part of it and so is she. Reading about a guy’s life, interests, likes and dislikes without ever being asked about your own life really isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun time. If you don’t show interest in the other person, maybe you should consider dating yourself.

7. Seeing a movie is an awful first date idea

Sitting quietly in the dark for two hours and listening to each other breathe right after you’ve met for the first time really isn’t something you’d want to do. It’s much better to go somewhere where you can talk and get to know each other better, see if the two of you actually like each other offline. If things go smoothly, there will be plenty of time for watching movies together.

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