Deconstructing the Cowboy: Why They Work So Well as Hero Material

Cynthia D’Alba is a #1 New York Times and USA Today’s best selling author, and her favorite choice for hero material is – you’ve guessed it – the cowboy.

Here is what she has to say when asked why cowboys make such a great hero material:


  • Dependability—A cowboy’s animals (and other cowboys) have to depend on him to get the job done. His cattle trust him to provide food, meds, water, whatever they need to grow. Whether your cowboy is the boss or one of the ranch hands or even a rodeo star, there are people around him who rely on the cowboy to be where he says he’ll be and do what he says he’ll do. Heroines like a heroes they can depend on, a man who’s word is his bond. He promises a heroine a boot-kicking good time, she knows he’s good for his word. He’ll do what he needs to (or has to) to get the job done.
  • Protective—A cowboy protects what he sees as “his,” including his woman. We all know woman today don’t need to be “taken care of,” but try telling that to a bullheaded man. Still, there’s something oh-so-sexy about a man who claims his territory (or woman) and is ready to protect it from invaders, be it a coyote after his herd or a city-slicker after his woman.
  • Caring—It takes a caring man who can save a calf during a snowstorm, then bottle feed it. I saw a picture of a cowboy who’d brought home a newborn calf into his kitchen to bottle feed it and then fell asleep with the calf on the floor beside him. Tell me that wouldn’t melt your heroine’s heart. Or how about when your rough and tough cowboy holds his first born child and cries. Or when he carries his two-year-old on his hip while he sorts cattle? Cowboys are tough on the outside but can be as soft and loving on the inside.

Cynthia’s next novel “The Texas Lullaby” comes out in April. Visit her website for more information.


(Via: heroesandheartbreakers)

Photo by Moyan_Brenn

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