How To Create An Awesome Cowboy Online Dating Profile

Cowboy dating websites are places where cowgirls look for their perfect man. You might think websites of this sort are exclusively reserved for cowgirls, but they are in fact a perfect place for any person who likes the country, or the country lifestyle, to find someone who shares their passion, regardless of gender. You may be a city girl looking to meet people who love the country and the website would still be an awesome place for you to find what you’re looking for.

The number one essential of the whole online dating concept, regardless of niche, is your profile. The way you create your profile is the way you present yourself online. It is the starting point that might get you way ahead of others, or it might ruin your chances instantly. Depending on the way you handle your profile, your online dating experience could be amazing or a total waste of time.

Take a look at these insights and tips that will help you create a remarkable online profile, and present yourself properly:

Be honest

Remember the time when everyone used to lie about online dating? People used to write all kinds of unbelievable things about their lives and themselves in general, only to attract interest. Fortunately, those times have passed. People have realized this is a tiresome thing to do, and it doesn’t really get you anywhere.

What exactly does one get from lying on a dating website? Sure, you can get people’s attention, but that’s it. You won’t go any further – and that “further” thing is the goal, isn’t it? Once you attract someone, and he learns you’ve been lying to them, they will lose all interest in you. They’ve been attracted to the persona you’ve interpreted, not in you – and once they learn this persona doesn’t exist, the game is over for you.

One of the worst things you could do is using another person’s photo online. You might think you know what cowboys want in a girl, and post a photo of such a girl as your own. But, what’s going to happen when your cowboy finds out you’re not the girl from the photo?

Don’t do that, ever.

Post many photos

It really matters how much photos of yourself you post on your profile. Sure, there are people who still think they can get a date without posting a single photo of themselves, but they’re completely wrong and forever single.

Start from yourself. Would you believe if a guy told you he’s the hottest cowboy around, with a perfect body and a masculine face – and he expected you to take his word for it? I don’t think so.

You, just as anyone else, want to see a photo of the person you are talking to. You want to see many photos, and that’s completely ok. Post photos from various occasions. Of course, choose your best looking photos, there’s no harm in that. No one is saying you need to post a photo you’ve taken right upon waking up, with your hair all messed up and without a touch of makeup.

Showing at least a dozen photos to your potential dates is the best thing you can do on a cowboy dating website. Of course, your personality is just as important, but everyone wants to see the face behind the letters.

Share, share, share

You might think you would come off as a cool, laid back person if you were to share only a few words now and then, but think again. How do you intend to attract someone if you never say anything? No one likes those silent lurkers who just appear in your inbox out of the blue and say: “I’ve been checking you out for weeks.” That’s downright spooky, especially if you go ahead and take a look at that person’s profile, and they have nothing on it.

The information you share about yourself is even more important than your photos. Members will want to know as much as possible about your life, your lifestyle, and everything else related to you.

There is so much you can share on a cowboy online dating site: share details about your education, the music you like, the books you’ve read, your favorite movies, etc. This is the best way of getting in touch with someone who shares your interests.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: what would you like to see in other people’s profiles? Do the exact same thing with your own.

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