Most Common Online Dating Lies: How To Spot Them

If you’ve been in the online dating world for a while, chances are you have experienced various types of lies. It’s a well-known fact people lie about many things on the internet, but here is a list of the most common online dating lies you can expect to encounter:

Lies About Age

When people lie about their age on dating sites, the reason is probably one of the following:

  • They assume they won’t go well together with people who are their age
  • They assume people their age only look for younger matches, so they feel they need to lie
  • They don’t feel attracted to people of their own age
  • They think they actually look the age they’re making up

No matter what the reason is, it’s clear that a person who lies about their age doesn’t really plan on getting serious with anyone.

There are several indicators someone could be lying about their age, and the first thing that should make you doubt them is their photo. Does the photo look like it’s been taken a decade ago in terms of quality? Does the person look older in their photo, in comparison to the age they’re telling you? Does their life story seem a bit off for a person that age?

You can test their references, in case you’re suspecting they aren’t being honest about their age. Ask something specific, such as: “What were you doing at the time 9/11 happened?”, or “Where were you at the moment you heard princess Diana died?”

Feel free to compare their answers to certain events in time and figure out if things match or if they just don’t add up.

Lies about their body type

Each time you go on a date you secretly worry if the person is going to look like their photos. Before agreeing to meet someone you’ve met online, take a close observation of several things. Do they only post face photos? Do they refuse to do a video chat? Are all of their photos taken from the same angle?

Honest people have no reason to avoid video chat before meeting someone for real and they show a wide variety in their photos – because they have nothing to hide.

Lies about being single

Nowadays it’s no secret married people are looking to meet someone online and have a fling. In case you’re not interested in getting involved with someone who is already taken, you should look out for several strong indicators, such as:

  • The person only has time to chat late at night
  • He/she disappears for days with no logical explanation
  • You’ve come to a point where both of you have developed some feelings, and the person still won’t add you on Facebook.
  • Serious of the weirdest emergencies keep coming up when the two of you are supposed to meet.

Lies about their location

Many people lie about their location simply because they don’t want to be recognized in their actual home town. This is probably the lightest lie of them all, but still, if you’ve met someone who says they’re from your city and you don’t plan on starting a long-distance relationship, you should watch out for these lies, no matter how “light” they might seem. You wouldn’t want to get attached to a person, then end up seeing him every other weekend, if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Ask them what’s their favorite restaurant, or where do they think the coffee’s best. Ask them where do they work, and while you’re at it, ask them how long their commute is. The answers to these everyday questions would be quick and completely logical if the person is honest. If they aren’t, they will get confused and/or avoid direct answers.

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