Rules Of Dating A Cowboy


Are you one of those city women who fantasize about dating a cowboy? Let’s be honest, they really do sound like husband-material, and there is something incredibly sexy about a strong, handsome man riding a horse. If you’ve decided to find yourself a sexy cowboy, there are several rules you should consider:

You need to love horses

If you want to date a cowboy, you can’t be around him and his horses unless you love these animals. You have to understand horses are unruly at times, just like your cowboy is. Learn to ride a horse, or even better, let your cowboy teach you how to ride. Don’t worry if you fall off the horse and get hurt, your cowboy will pick you up and carry you in his strong arms.

Give them some space

It’s their wild side that made you take a second look and fall for them, so why try to tame it on the long run? Your sexy cowboy loves going on long rides and enjoying time alone on the back of his horse. Don’t be jealous and don’t try to make him cut back on his passion for riding.

Get ready to trade the city lights for starlight

Once you get into a relationship with a cowboy, there will be a lot of outside time going on. This is not a man who wants to spend all day, every day in the city, going to restaurants and doing ordinary things. He likes the nature, he loves the wild, and most of all he loves taking his woman with him. Be ready to trade candlelight for camp fire, and those fancy heels of yours for cowboy boots.

Respect his parents

Cowboys are guys with good old-fashion values. Your cowboy respects his mama, and so should you.

Learn to love the rodeo

At some point, you are going to have a date at the rodeo. Get ready for some serious fun, lots of laugher and maybe even some cheering! Your cowboy might decide to take the stage and show everything he knows about riding, and you should be right there to cheer and support him.

Don’t be a spoiled little lady

Cowboys work hard and you should take their responsibilities seriously. After all, if he was a hardworking man when you met him, don’t expect his life to completely change because of you. He might have some chores that seem like they go on forever, but you need to be patient and wait for your man.

Get ready to cook large meals

Cowboys have a lot of physical work going on all day long. Riding a horse alone takes some heavy muscle involvement. You love your cowboy’s strong muscles, don’t you? Be prepared for his appetite and don’t bring small portions to the table. A cowboy can work up a serious appetite, and you should be happy to indulge it.

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