What Makes Cowboys So Sexy

Have you ever stopped and wondered, what’s the “IT” factor that makes cowboys so hot and desirable? Cowboys have been a stable hero figure in many romantic fictions, both historic and cotemporary. There must be a reason for that. Any woman who has ever dated a cowboy knows it’s not about the way they dress – anyone can wear tight jeans and boots. Cowboys are an envision of any woman’s fantasy that involves a real man – well built, a little rough, hard-working, but also as gentlemanly as possible because they value family and respect women.

The best thing about cowboys is that all those romance novels aren’t exactly exaggerating things over the top: cowboys really are as sexy as we’ve always imagined them to be.

An average cowboy is a man with nerves of steel and quick reflexes. Cowboys know how to fight, whether it’s with their gun, or their hands. When he jumps the saddle and rides his horse with his head up high, you can’t help but stare at him. His muscles haven’t been pumped up by steroids; they are real and they’ve been built by hard physical work – which makes cowboys really, really strong. A cowboy gets his remarkable toned body by breaking wild horses, pitching bales of hay, throwing and branding cattle, and many other chores related to ranches.

Most of modern day’s cowboys don’t differ from the ones described in romantic and historic novels. They have a tendency to be the silent, but strong type. The way they speak has a sexy drawl to it. They move slowly in general, with seemingly casual movements, and they strike you as a laid back person. When the occasion demands for a cowboy to act quickly, he can move real fast and women are amazed by guys who know how to move.

Although most of them are in touch with their feelings, you won’t have to worry about a cowboy snapping at you. They take life seriously, but it’s unlikely for them to stress over little things that don’t make a big difference on the long run.

It’s very common for a city girl to lust for a cowboy, especially when it comes to lust itself: we’ve all read those books where cowboys are described as the perfect lovers. Of course he knows how to handle a woman, the guy can handle a whole horse and break it, even. “Breaking” a woman and making her adore him is a piece of cake for a cowboy.

Cowboys don’t sit in front of their computers all day, watching porn and drooling over random women’s photos on social networks. They don’t have time for that, they’re too busy living their lives and loving real women. Cowboys aren’t afraid to go after what they want, and they aren’t intimidated by successful women – they want to find a way to break them, instead.

What girl wouldn’t fall for such a specimen of manhood?

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