10 Rules Of Happy Relationships – Part 1


Anyone can be in a relationship, but making the relationship you’re in last long takes time, commitment, and a few “tricks”. If you have found an amazing man/girl for yourself, no matter if it’s a cowboy or someone who is all about the city; there are several thinks you need to keep in mind.

I wouldn’t exactly call them “rules”, perhaps the word “commandments” fits better, but no matter how you call them, some things need to exist in your relationship, if you want to be happy:

1. Acceptance

A majority of people keep talking about tolerance being an essential part of a successful relationship. With all due respect to those who promote tolerance, great couples don’t tolerate each other’s differences – they accept them. Loving couples celebrate both their similarities and their differences. If you accept your partner for who he really is, instead of just tolerating his own ways, he/she will feels safe to share his/her true self with you.

2. Trust and honesty

You’ve probably heard this a million times: trust is very important for a relationship, if not the most important part of it. But there can be no trust without honesty.

Being honest is an individual decision and it is based on many things, like self-worth, self-confidence and the belief we will be accepted even with our flaws and mistakes. We choose to be honest to people, but people choose to trust us based on that honesty. When a partner is honest, and you realize he is being his true self with you, you can follow up by giving your trust to them, which means you believe the other person.

There can be no peaceful, blissful relationship without trust and honesty.

3. Respect

Many people think respect and attention are the same thing. They confuse these two, and they end up being in a relationship with someone who pays full attention to them, but does not respect them. Of course this kind of love is doomed to become a disaster.

Attention is truly amazing, it shows desire, love, connection, passion, and concern. But respect exists on a much deeper level of connection. When you start valuing the person on an innate level just because you appreciate their personality as such, you will understand that respect doesn’t come unearned. A couple who respects each other would never do anything to fail the other person.

4. Loyalty

Today’s society is driven toward temporary relationships. Loyalty has become situational: a person is as loyal as their current desires are strong. Once their current desire, interest or opportunity starts fading away — there goes loyalty out the window.

If you already have acceptance, honesty, trust and respect in your relationship, you already are a step ahead of all those one-minute-loyalty people, and loyalty comes automatically for you. If you feel attracted to someone else, or you simply experience a weird disconnection, you will discuss it, openly and honestly – because you two respect and appreciate each other.

5. Being present

Technology is a constant in this world, and it is ever-present. Of course, it reflects on our relationships. With the help of social media, mobile devices, and technology overall, it is very easy for people to mentally check out from where they are and what they’re doing physically at the moment. Loving couples who enjoy their relationship use all the technology they can afford, but they don’t let all the tech tools to disconnect them from their relationship. No Facebook chat should be more important than time spent with your partner. Pay attention to each other when you’re together, and use the tech devices as tools for connecting with people, instead of tools for disconnecting from the world around you – especially when you’re with your significant other.


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