10 Rules Of Happy Relationships Part 2


When it comes to relationships, being happy and satisfied with your love life is something we have to work on to achieve. We’ve already published the 1st Part of the “rules” all happy relationships share, and here comes part 2:

6. Passion and affection

Everyone needs affection and everyone wants to feel loved. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 5 months or 20 years, it’s the little things that keep that sparkle alive: holding hands, casual hugs and sitting next to each other all the time, all these things can make a world of a difference. When you have that kind of affection, amazing sex follows automatically. When the sex is good, your connection with the partner remains strong on many levels, including physical, emotional and mental.

7. Humor

If you laugh a lot in a relationship, it means you feel relaxed, satisfied, and it also means you are constantly restoring balance and attraction in your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re just telling jokes, or enjoying ridiculous conversations with your significant other, humor builds a healthy connection between people, so don’t forget to laugh together!

8. Healthy arguments

There is no relationship without arguments. They are normal, it’s how you handle them and which way you use to repair your communication after the argument is over, that holds your relationship together. When you and your partner disagree on something, it is important for you to talk about it, but not just talk – you actually need to actively listen to the other person, and try to understand why he/she think the way he/she does. You need to be patient and allow each other to be different. Remember rule number 1 – Acceptance?

9. Privacy

Again we need to mention technology and your social life, with an accent to the things you share with your friends, regarding your relationship. There is an epidemic of over-sharing things going on, and this is often a death sentence for a relationship. You don’t have to tell your friends all about you love life. Some things, especially private things, are supposed to be going on just between the two of you – you should exclude other people from your inner-workings.

10. Individuality

A successful relationship isn’t made of two people becoming one person. It’s made of two individuals. Your partner still has interests that have nothing to do with you, whether you like it or not. He/she might enjoy an occasional night out with the girls/boys, or going out on a walk by themselves, or hanging out with their colleagues over a cup of coffee every once in a while. Allowing your partner to have his own life outside your relationship won’t push him/her away. On the contrary, it gives both of you many new things to talk about, and connect over.



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